Photo ©Larry Fink

Photo ©Larry Fink
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beats

"Photographing the stylized gestures of two young men in a park, Fink is already anticipating his later interest in the way bodies in three dimensions relate graphically in the flattened space of the photograph. In the years to come, Fink would continue to deepen his feeling for the expressive content (here, the serio-comic, self-assured posturing of young hipsters) while also strengthening the visual impact of the full photographic frame, in particular by learning how to avoid dead space and activating the corners of the picture." -Laurie Dahlberg, "Larry Fink"

One of Larry's earliest and until recently unpublished series about the Beatniks can be seen at the Armory Show in New York City this August 3rd. They will be shown by James Fuentes Gallery.

See the following links:

This series was Visura magazines main focus last month and a good starting point for the blog, as it was one of Larry's first serious and extensive photography projects.

To read Larry's words about this series and take a deeper look at the images in the project, check out Visura Magazine

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