Photo ©Larry Fink

Photo ©Larry Fink
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thanks to Comedy Central with both Casey Patterson and Nick Alexander as the executors of good will and continuity. I photographed the Comedy Awards party.
They treated me well so I came out of party retirement to go to work.
I did so with off camera flash with a Ricoh GXR.       

The results surprised me. I presumed that within a jaded eye for experience over 4 decades that I was over excitement,  but no in fact through the use of new optic and camera  there was new visual experience to be gained and as I prospected for surety I was illuminated by surprises, the images are the logical abstractions of earlier impulses.

Nasty though, to think that I will have to go out into the fray of merry to harvest deeper root for decay and illusion.

Portrait of Larry Fink and assistant Emma Horning by Joseph Michael Lopez