Photo ©Larry Fink

Photo ©Larry Fink
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black Mask: 1967

Good morning. Funny things happen when you get out of bed and you go to your computer. Questions come along, facts and fantasies, information and energy of all kinds. A request came in the other day from a professor of Art History at Columbia University, asking if I had photographed a protest group called Black Mask on their way to Wall St in the winter of 1967. It turns out that I had. Their emblem for the march was “Wall St is War St.” So while we have no protests moving towards Wall St in this day and age, I think that this Dadaistic manifestation of protest makes as much sense in the summer of 2010 as it did in the winter of 1967.

Enjoy the pictures.
Honor the sentiment.

-Larry Fink

“My Life Within Politics” soon to come.