Photo ©Larry Fink

Photo ©Larry Fink
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Death is silent. The body, sodden, is swept up in decompositions quiet process.

This renders deaths grave message as part of the organic nature of all physical things but doesn't take into consideration memory, which is based on life's movement. Life has a miraculous power to transform the everyday into tides of spiritual intelligence. The soul lives on within the memory of the living. Memories do not decompose, they transform within time and the spirit floating through interpretative cognition. Memory is held for as long as those living are allowed to live. In each aftermath we have more and more souls to care for.

Eternity is never cheap.


France, 7/1988

Sylvia and Norman, 9/1997

Portugal, 6/1991

France, 7/1988


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